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£400,000 for extra road resurfacing and patching work in the Borough - here's where it's being spent

25 October 2021

An extra 26 streets in the Borough will benefit from road resurfacing or patching work this financial year.

Image of road resurfacing in Stockton

Members of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council's Cabinet agreed to commit £400,000 of COVID recovery monies to the additional work when they met last month.

And it has enabled more streets to be added to the Council's annual highways maintenance programme.

Work on the first of the additional streets will start this week, with all work set to be completed by the end of March 2022.

Councillor Mike Smith, the Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: "We know the upkeep of the Borough's roads is very important to our residents and we have an annual programme of road resurfacing.

"Of course, there isn't a council in the country that has the funding to catch-up on its entire road maintenance backlog - this is a national issue which the Local Government Association estimates would cost £11billion and take more than a decade to clear.

"So what we do is use the funding we have as effectively as we can. We prioritise the resurfacing and patching programme according to our roads' condition and try to target the resources we have in a way that will help prevent costly repairs in the future.

"The majority of these roads would have been in next year's resurfacing plan but we're able to use this money to bring them forward to be done this financial year."

Councillor Smith added: "Our existing resurfacing and patching programme for this year covered 76,000 square metres - that's around 12km - of highway. This additional work will see us improve an extra 27,500 square metres - or 5km - of highway.

"We expect that some of the resurfacing schemes will make use of the innovative rubber road surface that we're currently trialling."

Which additional roads will now be resurfaced or patched this year?

The following nine roads have been added to the 2021/22 highways maintenance programme for resurfacing:

  • Allendale Road
  • Chillingham Court
  • Danby Grove
  • Earsdon Close
  • Easby Grove
  • Headlam Road
  • Rudby Close
  • West Moor Close
  • Woodford Green

The following 17 roads have been added to the 2021/22 highways maintenance programme for patching work:

  • Appleton Road
  • Boathouse Lane
  • Eton Road
  • Fairfield Road
  • Hebburn Road
  • Laburnum Road
  • Melrose Avenue
  • Mill Lane
  • Mount Pleasant Road
  • Neasham Avenue
  • Norton Avenue
  • Osbourne Road
  • Rochester Road
  • Thames Avenue
  • Tweedport Road
  • Warrenport Road
  • Wellington Drive

Which roads were already in the 2021/22 resurfacing and patching programme?

There were 35 roads already included in the 2021/22 highways maintenance programme for resurfacing or patching work to be completed this financial year.

The following four roads were included for full resurfacing:

  • Beale Close
  • Norfolk Street
  • Streatlam Road
  • Thropton Close

And the following 31 roads were included for programmed patching work:

  • Aislaby Road
  • Balmoral Avenue
  • Billingham Bank
  • Billingham Road
  • Bishopton Road West
  • Blair Avenue
  • Chestnut Road
  • Cowpen Lane
  • Derwent / Trent Street
  • Forest Lane
  • Green Lane
  • Greenfield Drive
  • Grove Terrace
  • Haverton Hill Road
  • Leven Road
  • Long Lane
  • Maritime Road / Gyratory Roads
  • Norton Road
  • Radstock Avenue
  • Ragpath Lane
  • Redcar Road
  • Rimswell Road
  • Riverside Road
  • Roundhill Avenue
  • Seal Sands Road
  • Surbiton Road
  • Teesside Park Drive
  • Thames Road
  • Thirsk Road
  • Wolviston Back Lane
  • Yarm Road