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Friday 23 July 2021

This week has seen national coronavirus rules change and it has been a very busy time across the Council. A number of services like our family hubs and libraries have returned closer to what they were like before the pandemic, but on Monday we had to take the difficult decision to scale back our waste collections due to the number of staff currently self-isolating.

A busy day on Monday also included a catch-up with the Council's Managing Director, Julie Danks, and Deputy Leader, Councillor Jim Beall. We talked over the phone on the latest coronavirus picture in the Borough, as well as more 'normal' Council business.

This was followed by Cabinet pre-agenda, ahead of a special Cabinet meeting on Thursday July 29. The special Cabinet meeting will be looking at the Council's plans to regenerate Stockton town centre.

On Tuesday I attended a General Licensing Committee meeting, which took place at Stockton Baptist Tabernacle.

I then caught up with the Council's Director of Town Centre Investments, Richard McGuckin, for an update on how work is progressing on the Borough's six town centres. This was also alongside Julie Danks and Councillor Beall.

Later in the week I also joined the other political group leaders in the Council for an update from Richard McGuckin on the town centre work being undertaken by the Council.

It was useful to catch-up with Tees Valley Leaders, Mayors, Chief Executives and Public Health colleagues to discuss coronavirus on Wednesday. The area now has some of the worst infection rates in the country and we discussed a range of items, including the current case numbers, vaccinations and the impact of 'long Covid'.

Coronavirus was also the main topic of discussion when I caught up with Julie Danks and Councillor Beall on Thursday. We're still urging residents to be cautious as infection rates continue to rise rapidly.

It was interesting to attend a Norton Community Partnership meeting on Thursday afternoon. There was lots to talk about, such as Norton Green Project and working to tackle isolation.

This afternoon I will chair a Local Outbreak Engagement Group (LOEG) meeting to talk about the latest coronavirus infection rate in the Borough in more detail.

Tonight I'll be keeping an eye on how Middlesbrough get on in their friendly against Plymouth. Preparations are starting to step-up ahead of the Championship season in August, which I'm really looking forward to.