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Lord Lieutenants of Durham and North Yorkshire

The role of Lord Lieutenant goes back to the 1540s when the first few were appointed by King Henry VIII as his personal representatives in a number of English counties. Today every county in the United Kingdom has a Lord Lieutenant to represent the British Monarch.

Men and women of all backgrounds are appointed to this role by The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Lord Lieutenant carries out a wide variety of duties, working closely with voluntary services, benevolent organisations and local businesses across their 'Lieutenancy area' (i.e. county).

The main duties of the Lord-Lieutenant are to:

  • arrange visits by members of The Royal Family and to escort Royal visitors
  • represent The Queen and present certain honours, medals and awards
  • encourage the submission of worthy applications from people and organisations for nominations for honours and Queens Awards
  • liaise with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated Cadet Forces
  • lead the local magistracy as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the appointment of Justices of the Peace and liaise with the Ministry of Justice
  • participate in civic, voluntary and social activities within the Lieutenancy area

Invitations to members of the Royal Family should be sent to the Lord Lieutenant. They can also advise on how to contact the various Royal households.

The Lord Lieutenant of County Durham

Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Durham is Mrs Susan Snowdon. You can contact  the Lieutenancy Office by e-mail: or telephone: (0191) 383 7387.

Postal address:

Lieutenancy Office
The Rivergreen Centre
Aykley Heads
County Durham

The Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire

Johanna Ropner has been appointed Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire. She has replaced the late Barry Dodd CBE following his sad and untimely death in May 2018. You can contact the Lieutenancy Office by e-mail: or telephone: (01609) 532705.

Postal address:

Lieutenancy Office 
North Yorkshire County Council
Room 3 County Hall
North Yorkshire