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Natural England's Nutrient Mitigation Scheme for developers

Step 2: Apply for credits from Natural England

You will need to submit information about your development using the form Apply to buy nutrient mitigation credits from Natural England, this form will be available for download on the 31st of March at 10:00AM from the GOV.UK page.

Information you will need to provide includes:

  • the developer's contact details
  • the consultant's contact details (if applicable)
  • the sites location as an Ordnance Survey (OS) grid reference
  • the development site's address
  • a map showing the boundary of the development site as a geographic information system (GIS) polygon shapefile or Google Earth KML file
  • the number of housing units you are building
  • the number of units classed as affordable housing
  • your planning application reference (if you have this)
  • the date you expect the first unit to be occupied
  • your planning permission reference number (if you have one)
  • the number of credits you need to buy

Email your completed form to the email address provided on the GOV.UK page when it goes live at 10:00AM on the 31 of March.

Natural England will send you an email within 10 working days of your submission with a unique reference number and confirmation that they have received your application.

Application forms sent to, will NOT be considered for credits.