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Natural England's Nutrient Mitigation Scheme for developers

Step 4: Continue your planning permission application with your LPA

You need to send a copy of your provisional certificate to your LPA as proof that you have been allocated nutrient mitigation credits. You will then be able to continue with your planning application and find out if you are allowed to build.

Once you have confirmation your development can go ahead, you can move to step 5.

If you are not continuing with your planning application you should email Natural England if you no longer need the nutrient credits.

You may be able to get a refund of your 10% deposit from Natural England if you contact them within 28 days of one of the following happening:

  • you withdraw your planning permission application
  • your development is refused planning permission
  • you are given planning permission, but you do not agree to its terms and decide to withdraw from the development

To request a refund email Natural England at You need to include the reason for your refund and your unique reference number.

Natural England will deduct an administration fee from the deposit to cover costs incurred during the application process.