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Vehicles contravening weight restricted roads

It is an offence to use a vehicle on a marked weight restricted road (unless given specific permission to do so by an officer of Stockton Council or Cleveland Police).

 Exemptions apply for access to a premises in the weight restricted area where no other route is available.

There are further exemptions in specific purposes. 

All such weight restricted roads are clearly marked by road signs, and many have further pre-warning signs are in place.

Under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 using, causing or permitting a vehicle to be used, on a weight restricted road is punishable by a maximum £1000 fine.  The rules on weight restrictions apply to a vehicles maximum gross weight, not its actual weight at the time.

The following are not a legal excuse:

  • following a satellite navigation device
  • being unfamiliar with the local roads
  • the vehicle is unladen

See a list of the weight restrictions in Stockton-on-Tees:

Enforcement of weight restricted roads

Officers from Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Trading Standards use intelligence to target specific roads for visible enforcement exercises.  Such exercises may also involve Cleveland Police. 

Appropriate action will be taken for contravening the weight restrictions on a specific road based on the individual facts of each case.


Do not attempt to take photos of vehicles driving through weight restricted zones while you are driving. Do not follow, attempt to stop vehicles or interact with drivers in any way.

Report a breach of vehicle weight restrictions