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Sex Establishment Licensing Policy April 2021

Sex Shops (Additional Conditions)

A sex shop shall be conducted primarily for the purpose of the sale of goods by retail.

Compilation videos or DVDs showing restricted 'R18' material shall not be played or shown within the premises. This condition will not however, apply to the previewing of individual 'R18' films by a prospective purchaser so long as the excerpt is no longer than 2 minutes duration and is not shown in the presence of other patrons.

All Sex Articles and other things displayed for sale, hire exchange or loan within a Sex Shop shall be clearly marked to show to persons who are inside the Sex Shop the respective prices to be charged.

All mail order transactions from the premises shall be recorded in a suitable register approved by the Council.

Should the Council consider that any article, preparation, substance or material available for sale from the premises is likely to be dangerous to health, then on receipt of written notification stating the Councils reasons for the decision the licensee shall immediately remove the said article, preparation, substance or material from the premises and no like article, preparation, substance, article or material shall be sold or exposed for sale at the premises without the consent of the Council.

All printed matter offered for sale, hire or exchange or loan shall be available for inspection prior to purchase and a notice to this effect shall be prominently displayed within the premises where it can be easily read by prospective purchasers.

The Licensee shall without charge display and make available in the Sex Establishment such free literature on counselling on matters related to sexual problems as may be published by the Family Planning Association and by such other similar organisations from time to time. Such literature is to be displayed in a prominent position approved by the Council adjacent to all cash collection points in the Sex Establishment.