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Rules and Regulations in respect of the Borough Cemeteries

Transfer of the Grave Rights

  1. Upon the burial of a sole Grantee, a Transfer of the Grave Rights will be required to enable the future use of the grave, and also for any memorial work. Such a Transfer is most commonly made to the immediate next of kin. Bereavement Services will be pleased to advise and assist families in the necessary procedure.
  2. Where a Statutory Declaration is required to establish ownership of grave rights, it is the responsibility of the person making that Declaration to ensure that the contents are true and accurate. Families are reminded that making a false declaration is a criminal offence.
  3. If a grave space is required for burial after a sole Grantee has already been buried, a Transfer of Ownership must be effected before the burial can take place, as per Article 10(6) of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.
  4. Records maintained by Bereavement Services will show all Transferred Rights, Assigned Rights and the names of all persons subsequently acquiring an interest in the Grave Rights.

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