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Rules and Regulations in respect of the Borough Cemeteries

Opening of Graves

  1. Without exception, all graves must be excavated by employees of the Council.
  2. Any open grave is a potential danger (even where shoring has been installed) and should not be entered by anyone other than staff contracted or sub-contracted to Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council. Any unauthorised individual entering a grave does so at their own risk.
  3. All work in connection with the construction, re-opening or re-instatement of vault or walled graves must be undertaken by a BRAMM or NAMM-registered memorial mason, at the expense of the Grantee or Grantees.
  4. The removal of a memorial or kerb set to facilitate a burial is the responsibility of the funeral director or funeral organiser. Such kerb sets are not to be replaced on the grave following burial.

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