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Rules and Regulations in respect of the Borough Cemeteries

Dedicated Trees

1. Dedicated trees may only be placed in the Borough Cemeteries with the prior approval of the Council. Anyone wishing to place such a tree must first submit an appropriate request form to the Council's Care For Your Area Service, and pay the requisite fee. Request forms are available on the Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council website.

2. The granting of such a request is entirely at the discretion of the Council.

3. The Council will determine the species of tree to be provided and the location in which the tree is to be placed.

4. Dedicated trees will remain the sole property of the Council, and are placed for the enjoyment of all cemetery visitors.

5. Personalisation of trees is not permitted. Floral tributes and or personal items may not be placed upon a tree or in its vicinity. If such items are found, they will become subject to the procedure set out at Regulation 28 (43-46) herein.

6. The Council will undertake responsibility for the staking and protection of the tree until it is well-established, and also its general care and maintenance thereafter.

7. Should a tree die prematurely within its initial 3-year establishment period, then it will be replaced in the next planting season.

8. In the event that it becomes necessary to remove a tree because:

  • it is dead, dying or diseased
  • it poses a danger to the public
  • the area is designated for redevelopment
  • of any other unforeseen eventuality

A replacement tree will be provided in a new location and, where possible, within a reasonable distance of the original siting.

9. If requested, the Council will arrange placement of a plaque next to the dedicated tree, but to avoid damage to the tree, this must be installed either at the time of planting or shortly thereafter.

10. Further details (including available trees and fees) are set out in the "Request for a Dedicated Tree" application form.


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