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Rules and Regulations in respect of the Borough Cemeteries

Regulations Concerning Lawn and Traditional Sections

  1. The area allocated to a grave space is approximately 122cm (4ft) wide x 274cm (9ft) long.
  2. The allocation of a newly purchased grave space will normally be the next available grave on the section and row being buried in at that time.
  3. Adult grave spaces may not be purchased for the sole purpose of burial of cremated remains. However, when the maximum number of full-sized burials has taken place, cremated remains may be placed in the grave subsequently, if there is sufficient room to do so.
  4. Graves are generally excavated for two adult burials, however excavation for three may be approved, at additional cost, where safe and practicable.
  5. Should the unfortunate need arise, a baby or infant may be buried in a grave before any adult burials.
  6. As soon as possible following the funeral, the Council will turf or seed the whole of the grave.
  7. A small area, approximately 53cm (1ft 9ins) x 122cm (4ft), can be prepared by the Council at the head of the lawn area for suitable planting or personalisation. Visit our Personalising a Grave Space webpage for more details.

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