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Rules and Regulations in respect of the Borough Cemeteries

Regulations Concerning Babies' Burial Gardens

  1. An area in each cemetery (excluding Egglescliffe Cemetery) has been dedicated to a Babies' Burial Garden for the burial of stillborn, neonatal, and babies up to the age of one month.
  2. The area allocated to a grave within the Babies' Burial Garden is approximately 60cm (2ft) x 120cm (4ft) including a 30cm (12ins) section of the memorial beam.
  3. The allocation of a newly-purchased grave space will normally be the next available grave on the section and row being buried in at that time.
  4. A grave in a Babies' Burial Garden may not contain more than one burial.
  5. As soon as possible following the funeral, the Council will replace the turf over the whole of the grave space.
  6. A small area at the head of the lawn area, approximately 23cm (9in) x 60cm (2ft), can be prepared by the Council for suitable planting or personalisation. Visit the Personalising a Grave Space webpage for further details.

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