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Annual Parking Report 2018 to 2019


This Annual Car Parking report summarises the parking and traffic enforcement conducted by the Council during the financial year 2018 to 2019. The Council continues to operate parking enforcement under the Traffic Management Act 2004, ensuring parking services operates to support businesses, shoppers, residents and visitors to the Borough in an efficient and cost effective manner and financial information is detailed in chapter 6.

Parking facilities are vital for people coming to Stockton to work, study, visit and support economic growth. Parking controls assist to minimise congestion, and ensure free-flowing traffic conditions, encouraging people to visit Stockton more regularly whilst balancing the needs of businesses, residents, visitors and blue badge holders. 

The visible presence of Civic Enforcement Officers (CEO's) is the primary means of achieving compliance with parking regulations. This report provides an overview of what, why and how parking services are undertaken in Stockton.

If you have any questions or comments about the Annual Report or the Car Parking service in general please let us know by contacting the helpline on 01642 528203 or email us at or visit the car parking pages.

Councillor Mike Smith

Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport