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Annual Parking Report 2021 to 2022

Parking Permits

Residents Permit Parking Zones (RPZs)

Currently within the Borough there are six operational Residents Permit Parking Zones, which are located within Stockton West area, Hardwick Estate area, Trinity Gardens area, Eaglescliffe Station area, Yarm High Street and West Street area.

The Council introduces Residents Permit Parking Zones where there is evidence of residents having difficulty parking in close proximity to their homes due to the use of these areas for prolonged non-resident parking particularly where there is alternative parking provision.

Residents within each zone are entitled to apply for a residents permit in line with the guidance. In addition, residents can also request to purchase a visitor permit if necessary.

The permits allow residents or visitors to park within the specified zone during the hours of operation. Currently there is an annual charge of £10 per resident or visitor permit this contributes towards the cost of administering and enforcing the scheme. Resident Parking Zones have been subject to a Scrutiny Review by the Council's Place Select Committee during 2021 to 2022 and the recommendations are due to be implemented during 2022.

In 2021 to 2022, a total of 788 permits were issued across the zones.

Further information about the council's residents parking schemes can be found on our resident parking permits page and our yarm parking permits page.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets are available for purchase which allows parking in the Council's long stay car parks both on and off-street Monday to Saturday in Stockton Town Centre and Yarm. These permits are of particular benefit to those who regularly use the Borough's car parks in these areas, such as commuters. They can be purchased in advance at a cheaper rate than paying on a daily basis.

In 2021 to 2022 a total of 20 were purchased.

View our apply for a season ticket page for more information.

Market Permits

Stockton Town Centre is home to the region's largest outdoor market. In addition, throughout various times of the year there are specialist markets, as well as the 'Stockton Sparkles' Christmas market.

Over the years there has been demand for easy access for market traders to unload their goods and the facility to be able to park close to their stalls has increased. Market Trader Permits are available for traders registered with Stockton Borough Council to park in specially designated areas on market days which allows for easy transport of their goods.

In 2021 to 2022 a total of 0 permits were purchased.

Staff Parking Permits

Staff parking permits for employees of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council are available to be purchased via a salary sacrifice scheme.

In 2021 to 2022 0 were issued.