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Completing your building project

You need to keep us informed as your progress through your project and contact us to arrange site inspections at relevant stages.

If your project will affect existing or new drains

You should contact Northumbrian Water before you start work if you think your project will affect existing or new drains.

Contact us to give notice

You can give notice by phone, email or post.

When you are ready to start work

You should give us 48 hours' notice before you start work.

    Notifying us of relevant stages of work

    Your Building Control Surveyor will tell you which stages of work we need to inspect and how much notice we need to arrange our inspection.

    You should provide notice of relevant stages of work in writing. If this is not possible, we will accept notice by phone.

    If you do not notify us during the relevant stages of your work, we may ask you to uncover previous work so that we can check that it complies with the Building Regulations. We can also take legal action under Section 36 of the Building Act.

    We may not be able to provide a Completion Certificate if you have not completed all the relevant stages of work.