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Asbestos sheds and garages

You can dispose of asbestos sheds and garages at our Household Waste Recycling Centre if you double wrap it and make sure it is clearly labelled.

Asbestos should not cause any health problems if it is in good condition and is dismantled and disposed of correctly. However, small fibres which can cause long-term health conditions can be released if it is damaged, broken, drilled, cut, or sanded.

When dismantling and disposing of asbestos sheds and garages you should:

  • wear a suitable disposable dust respirator
  • dampen the asbestos and the surrounding working area
  • try to dismantle the structure in one piece by removing bolts
  • not use domestic vacuum cleaners
  • not use power tools
  • wrap the asbestos with polythene sheets and clearly label it
  • double bag and clearly label small asbestos pieces and contaminated items such as face masks and sweeping brushes

Removing asbestos from inside your property

If you think that there is asbestos inside your home, you should not try to remove it yourself. We cannot help you to identify whether it is asbestos or remove asbestos from your home but the Asbestos Removal Contractors' Association has an online tool to help you find someone to help.  

Find a professional asbestos remover

Dispose of asbestos

Take domestic asbestos to the Haverton Hill household waste recycling centre.

You should let us know when you book your slot that you would like to dispose of asbestos. You must double wrap and clearly label asbestos before you take it.