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Environmental permits

The Environmental Permit Scheme controls emissions from certain industrial processes.

The scheme is administered by:

  • the Environment Agency for industries where there is a high potential for pollution of air, water, and land
  • our Environmental Health Team for smaller, less polluting industries

The Environmental Permit scheme imposes strict conditions on the operators of industrial processes in relation to monitoring of emissions and process controls.

Information about individual permitted processes (including service stations) is available to view through the Public Register.

Guidance on environmental permits

The Environment Agency has produced detailed guidance on who needs a permit and what type of permit you need.

Check if you need an environmental permit

You can also contact us for advice on which type of permit you need. 

Contact us about Environmental permits

Apply for a Part A2 permit

Apply for permission to carry out activity that could pollute the air, water or land.

Apply for a Part B permit

Apply for permission to carry out activity that will cause emissions to air.

Change your environmental permit

Apply to change the conditions of your permit or surrender it.

Apply for a permit - dry cleaners

Apply for a permit to the local authority to operate a dry cleaning installation as defined in section 7 of schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.