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Future of Grindon Parish agreed

22 June 2017

The future governance of Grindon Parish has been decided.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council agreed at its full Council meeting last night (21 June) that:

1) Grindon Parish is abolished and Grindon Parish Council is dissolved and that two new parishes and parish councils are  created based on the ward boundaries of Grindon East and Grindon West.

2) The new parish in the Grindon West Ward is called Grindon and Thorpe Thewles Parish and the new parish in the Grindon East Ward is called Wynyard Parish.

3) Thorpe Thewles Parish Council comprise of six councillors and Wynyard Parish Council comprise of seven councillors.

Consultation about the changes has taken place as part of a community governance review.

The new arrangements will come into place in May 2019.