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Gambling permits

We provide gambling permits for premises that have a gambling facility where both the stakes and prizes are very low or gambling is not the main function of the premises.

Before you apply

Before you apply, read the relevant sections of our Statement of Licensing Principals.

How to apply

To apply for:

  • a licensed premises gaming permit or notification of 2 or less machines
  • a club gaming permit or club machine permit
  • grant of a prize gaming permit
  • an unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit

Complete our gambling contact us form

For more information on each permit, visit the Gambling Commission website.

What happens next?


If we refuse your application, you may be able to appeal this decision to the Magistrates' Court or First-Tier Tribunal.

Full details will be included in any refusal notice.


Contact us

Contact the Licensing Team for advice on any licence or to make a complaint about a licensed business.

Phone: 01642 524802