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National Highways and Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey

The NHT Public Satisfaction Survey is carried out every year on behalf of local authorities throughout the country to seek residents' views on local roads, footpaths and public transport.

More than 3000 questionnaires are posted out across the Borough to residents chosen at random by market research specialist, Ipsos MORI.

We firmly support the survey and urge residents to complete and return the survey because it tells us what people think about the Borough's roads and public transport networks and how these can be improved. It can also influence the amount of investment the Government allocates to us for highways improvements and maintenance. 

We know the upkeep of our roads and footpaths is important to our residents and we are committed to making sure that our highways are safe and well-maintained. The survey results, published on the NHT website, help us to plan for the future,  taking into account the views of residents of Stockton-on-Tees.