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Noise issues

Noise is unwanted sound that causes annoyance or disturbed sleep.

Types of noise that we can investigate 

We can help you with noise problems from many sources including:

  • commercial (entertainment)
  • construction (building or demolition works)
  • domestic (barking dogs, amplified music, DIY, intruder alarms)
  • industrial (fans and generators)
  • vehicles, machinery and equipment

Intruder alarms 

Get help with an intruder alarm that is sounding in error 

You can contact us for help if an intruder alarm has been sounding continuously for more than 20 minutes or intermittently for more than an hour. We will try to find a key holder or silence the alarm from outside of the property if we need to.  

How to get help will depend on what time of day you need us:

  • during business hours, contact our Environmental Health team on 01642 526575
  • outside of business hours, contact our Civic Enforcement team on 01642 607943

Contact us about your intruder alarm

If you are going on holiday or going to be away from your home for a while, you should let us and your neighbours know who to contact if your intruder alarm sounds in error. 

This will help us to deal with complaints about your intruder alarm if it sounds in error while you are away. If we cannot find a key holder to your property and your alarm is causing a problem for your neighbours, we may silence it ourselves and charge you for the work.  

Types of noise that we cannot investigate 

We cannot help with noise from: 

  • people talking or shouting in the street 
  • children playing 
  • aircraft 
  • traffic 
  • normal farming activities 

If you are having a serious problem with people making noise in your street, you might be able to get help from our Civic Enforcement team.  

Report a problem with noise