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Street works permit scheme

Roadworks carried out by utility companies, developers and maintenance work by the local authority can cause disruption to the smooth running of our network. To help us to manage them effectively, you need to apply for a permit before you carry out any work.

Examples of work that need a permit include:

  • digging up a road or footpath
  • works on traffic-sensitive streets at traffic-sensitive times
  • works that need temporary traffic control
  • works that need a temporary traffic regulation order

The objectives of our permit scheme, which can be found in our Permit Scheme Document, include:

  • reduce occupation of the highway for both street and highway works minimise disruption to the travelling public
  • improve compliance with the relevant codes of practice and conditions
  • ensure accurate information is available to the public through improved quality of information received from all works promoters
  • ensure all works promoters are treated fairly and with parity
  • encourage collaborative working between all works promoters

National statutory guidance for all permit schemes in England can be found on the government website.

How to apply

To apply for a street works permit you must use the Department for Transports Street Manager service.

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Further information

To carry out a private installation or maintenance of private apparatus you need to apply for a Section 50 licence.

To place temporary traffic signals on our network you may need to apply for a temporary traffic signals licence.

For further information or advice on applying, contact