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Post COVID support

The Tees Active Post-COVID (long COVID) programme aims to support those with less severe post-COVID symptoms who would specifically benefit from increasing their physical activity levels.

The programme is part of the existing Active Health programme (exercise referral) that is designed for people who have a medical condition which can be improved by increasing their physical activity levels. The pathway into the programme is through referral from either GP or hospital post-covid clinic to ensure that suitability is established.

If patients think they have post-COVID syndrome (long-COVID), they can consult with their GP and be referred into the programme. For more info about the Post-COVID symptoms visit the NHS website

An individual referred to the Tees Active Post-COVID programme will receive an initial consultation and assessment by one of the GP Referral staff at Tees Active and then recommended and signposted to a free 12-week physical activity programme. This includes options for studio or water based classes, swimming, or gym-based activities. Following the completion of the 12 weeks the individual will receive a final consultation with options to progress into membership.

The programme will be piloted until the end of March 2023.