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Street trading consent guidance notes

List of Prohibited Streets

  • Albert Road, Stockton    
  • Mill Street, Norton    
  • The Square, Stockton
  • Blue Post Yard, Stockton    
  • Moreland Avenue, Billingham    
  • Theatre Yard, Stockton
  • Bridge Road, Stockton    
  • Nelson Terrace, Stockton    
  • Thistle Green, Stockton
  • Calverts Square, Stockton  
  • North Street, Stockton    
  • Tower Street, Stockton
  • Central Street, Yarm    
  • Park Terrace, Thornaby    
  • Union Square, Stockton
  • Cross Street, Norton  
  • Prince Regent Street, Stockton    
  • Victoria Yard, Stockton
  • East Street    
  • Ramsgate, Stockton    
  • Wellington Street, Stockton
  • Exchange Yard, Stockton    
  • Regent Street, Stockton    
  • West Back Bridge Road, Stockton
  • Finkle Street, Stockton    
  • Ropery Street, Stockton    
  • West Row, Stockton
  • Green Dragon Yard, Stockton    
  • Rothberry Street, Billingham    
  • West Street, Yarm
  • Hambletonian Yard, Stockton  
  • Ship Inn Yard, Stockton  
  • Wharf Street, Stockton
  • Holly Street, Norton    
  • Silver Street, Stockton    
  • Yarm Street, Stockton
  • John Street, Stockton  
  • Smith Street, Stockton    
  • Little Brown Street, Stockton    
  • South Back Yarm Lane    
  • Middle Street, Stockton    
  • South Street, Stillington    


Road nameDescription

Yarm Lane

From its junction with West Row to its junction with Hartington Road

Bishopton Lane

From its junction with Norton Road to its junction with John Street

Church Road

Other than from its junction with High street to the roundabout junction with Maritime road/Riverside Road



  • Alleys of Norton Highstreet
Road nameDescription

Access to Safeway Car Park

Off Norton High Street

Norton Avenue

From its junction with Norton Road to the junction of Grassholm Road

Norton Road

From its junction with Stockton High Street to its junction with Billingham Road

South Road

Up to junction with Bancroft Gardens



  •  Atlas Wynd
  • Bentley Wynd
  • Mill Wynd
Road nameDescription

Bridge Street

To viaduct

High Church Wynd

To viaduct

Leven Road

Up to junction with Balder Road



  • Allensway
Road nameDescription

Mitchell Avenue

From junction of Baysdale Road to Trenchard Avenue

Trenchard Avenue

Up to junction with Tedder Avenue



Road nameDescription


From junction of Roseberry Road to junction of Rothbury Street

Service Yard

To rear of Town Square and Queensway

The Causeway

Up to junction with Kingsway