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Primary and secondary admissions prospectus

Allocating places

Once we receive your application, we go through several steps to make sure we allocate places fairly. As a local authority, we are responsible for managing the coordination of all applications to make sure that no child receives more than one offer.

If you have applied for a place at a voluntary-aided, academy or free school, we will send your application to that school. We will only share the details that they need to process the application.

If you have applied for a school outside of the Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council area, we will pass on your application to the local authority which maintains those schools. They will then send your applications to any voluntary-aided, academies or free schools that you have applied for.

Schools are never informed which position they have in your preferences. They only receive the information they need to process your application.

If you have applied for a church place, schools may send you an additional form to determine whether you meet their criteria.

The admissions authority for each school then decides which pupils will be offered a place based on their admissions criteria.

Once the admissions authorities have decided which pupils they want to offer places to, they inform us of their decision. We then use your preferences to determine which offer to give to you.

If you have been offered a place at more than one of your preferred schools, we will offer you your highest preference and release the other offers to other pupils.

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