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Primary and secondary admissions prospectus

Late applications

Submitting your application late reduces your chances of being offered a place at one of your preferred schools. We will consider it after we have processed all the forms we received on time.

Your form will be classed as late if we receive it after the closing date.

If we have not received your application, we will send you letter to remind you to apply 2 weeks before the closing date. Contact us if you receive the letter and you are sure that you have already applied.

We will class your application as being on time if:

  • circumstances out of your control prevented you from applying before the deadline and you can provide evidence to show us what those circumstances were
  • you move into the Stockton-on-Tees area or if you move to a different area with the Borough after the closing date but before we have allocated places

Contact us if you have not yet applied for a Reception or Y7 place for your child to start in September. We will send you an in-year application to complete and return to School Admissions. We can help with any questions or if you have not applied for a place for your child.

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