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Primary and secondary admissions prospectus

Your preferences

You can choose several preferences as part of your application, 3 for primary schools and 4 for secondary schools. We recommend that you use all the preferences available. You can list any school in the Borough as one of your preferences, even if your address is not in that school's admission zone.

Only naming one school as a preference or listing the same school multiple times does not increase your chances of being offered a place at that school.

If your child has a sibling at one of the schools you are applying to, make sure to tell us this as part of your application. 

You can learn more about schools in the Borough by arranging visits to primary schools or attending secondary school open evenings.

Change your preferences

You can change your preferences up until the closing date. We will only accept a request to change your preferences after the closing date if your circumstances have changed - for example, if you have moved house. 

Online applications

If you applied online, you can edit your application and resubmit it any time before the closing date.

Paper applications

If you have sent us a paper application, email or write to the School Admissions team to change your preferences.

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