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Behaviour information

Pupils should follow these rules and to make sure that their journey and the journey of others will be safe and comfortable.

Pupils should always: 

  • carry their bus pass and show it to the driver when boarding
  • sit down and stay in their seat throughout the journey
  • wear a seat belt - it is illegal not to
  • be polite, respectful and considerate towards other passengers on the bus
  • get on and off the bus by the correct door and not the emergency exit
  • follow instructions from the driver or passenger assistant
  • report any misbehaviour that happens on the bus

Pupils should never:

  • act in a silly or dangerous manner
  • damage or make a mess on the vehicle
  • use rude or foul language or gestures
  • spit
  • smoke or carry lighters or matches
  • eat or drink on the vehicle
  • throw things at, around or out of the vehicle
  • distract or stand forward of the driver
  • touch the emergency hammer, skylights or controls of the vehicle
  • fight with, bully or use threatening behaviour towards others
  • get on a bus they are not entitled to travel on

What happens if pupils do not follow the rules?

Any behavioural incident is dealt with by the school and Community Transport Service and if necessary the police and Anti-Social Behaviour Team. CCTV footage may also be used to investigate instances of poor behaviour.

Community Transport Service operates a 3 level system for dealing with behavioural incidents in a fair and consistent manner as follows:

  • first incident will result in a warning letter
  • second incident will result in temporary exclusion
  • third incident will result in a permanent exclusion

Pupils can also be issued with conditions of travel, such as sitting in the front seat at all times.

Discretion is applied depending on the nature and consequence of the behaviour. A pupil can be permanently excluded for one incident if it is dangerous.

Parents will be liable for the cost of any damage to a vehicle caused by their child.

During a temporary/permanent exclusion parents are responsible for ensuring their child gets to and from school.