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Major incident procedure

This procedure should be followed in the event of severe weather conditions or if you are aware of a major incident affecting the roads in your area.

If your child travels on a contracted taxi or bus, the company will make the decision as to whether it is safe to operate the route, and you should contact the operator directly. This applies to routes where collection is door to door, or pick-ups are from designated stops. The contact numbers can be found on the route information.

If your child travels on a Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council vehicle, your driver will contact you. Please ensure we have up to date contact details.

It is your responsibility as a parent or carer to ensure the safety of your child prior to pick up, whether that be from the home address or a designated pick up point.

In the event of prolonged or severe weather conditions it may become necessary for the operator or driver to replace a door to door service with a designated pick up point service. Should this become necessary, you will be advised of the pick-up point and you will be responsible for the safety of your child until they are picked up and dropped off.

Please be aware that if school transport is not operating and you choose to transport your child to school, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to collect your child in the afternoon.

The service transports approximately 3,000 pupils per day. In the event of a major incident or inclement weather conditions, we are unable to advise every parent personally that transport will not be operating.

Please follow this procedure where possible and listen to local radio where information will be updated regularly.