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Apply for a season ticket

If you park regularly in Stockton or Yarm town centre, you could save money with a car park season ticket.

How do I apply for my season ticket?

Season tickets are now virtual, you will receive a digital waiver which is linked to your number plate. You will not receive a paper permit.

Apply for your season ticket

If you cannot apply online contact our Customer Services Team on 01642 528499.


You can pay for a season ticket using a credit or debit card. 

Season ticket prices




1 month


3 months


6 months


12 months






1 month


3 months


6 months


12 months




Where can I park with my season ticket? 

Season tickets are valid in our long stay car parks. They are not valid in short stay or in privately operated car parks.

There are 765 spaces available in the below car parks.

Car park


02 Stockton Thompson Street Car Park


04 Stockton Laing Street Car Park


10 Stockton Riverside Car Park


13 Stockton Bright Street Car Park


14 Stockton Skinner Street Car Park


16 Stockton Lodge Street Car Park


18 Stockton Parliament Street Car Park


19 Stockton Maritime Road Car Park


54 Yarm Castle Dyke Wynd Car Park


55 Yarm The Old Market Car Park


56 Yarm Wharf Car Park


57 Yarm Station Car Park 92
58 Yarm West Street Car Park55


Change of details

If you have changed your car registration after you have applied for your season ticket, email with your new details.


Lost or stolen season tickets

If you lose your season ticket, we will replace it for a charge of £10. A request for a replacement season ticket must be made in writing, setting out the circumstances of the loss and the number of the season ticket.

If your season ticket is stolen, report it to the Police and then write to us giving details of the season ticket and the police crime reference number. Lost tickets are invalidated and if recovered their use will generate a penalty charge notice.


Renewing your season ticket

You will not be sent a reminder letter when your season tickets is due for renewal. You need to make an application to renew your season ticket(s) before the expiry date of the existing ticket.


Conditions of use

Council car parks are covered by a legal Traffic Order. It is The Borough of Stockton-on-Tees (Off-Street Parking Places, Stockton) Order 1989. This Order has been subject to periodic amendments to reflect the changing stock of parking facilities and any tariff adjustments.

We reserve the right to vary such the Order during the currency of the season ticket. Cars are parked at the owner´s risk and we accept no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle or part of it. We will not accept liability for the death of or injury to any person(s) arising out of the use of the car park unless death or injury is caused by the negligence of the Authority.

Enforcement of the Order is conducted by the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers.

While using your season ticket in our car parks, you must:

  • only use your ticket for a motor vehicle not exceeding 7.5 tonnes laden weight
  • ensure your vehicle is licensed, positioned within a parking bay with the engine switched off when stationary

While using your season ticket in our car parks, you must not:

  • trade from your vehicle
  • use your vehicle horn for any other reason than to uphold safety
  • sleep, camp or cook from your vehicle
  • service or wash your vehicle
  • put up tents, booths or similar items
  • light a fire, play games or create nuisance noise or behaviour

Additional information

The Council are not in a position to ensure the availability of spaces.

The long stay car parks have "Secure" status.

This means they:

  • include CCTV surveillance cameras
  • have regular foot patrol by officers
  • have superior floodlighting
  • are enclosed and at the same time overlooked car parks
  • are regularly maintained

If needed the Council will contact a season ticket holder if the vehicle is found to be insecure or with valuables on display. We can, upon request, check vehicles for lost keys or for reassurance.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to withdraw a season ticket at any time upon giving one month´s notice. A pro-rata refund of the remaining period of the season ticket will be made.

You must let us know if you have change any of your contact details (address, contact telephone number) as soon as possible to ensure that no delays are experienced in contacting a season ticket holder.

If you do not have your season ticket when using one of our car parks, you must pay the usual daily charge. No refund of any parking charges incurred will be made.

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