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Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a scheme that supports adults with additional needs including those with a learning disability, mental health problems or other needs that make it harder for them to live on their own.  It is an alternative to supported living or residential care.

The aim is to match someone who needs care with an approved carer. The carer shares their family and community life and gives care and support to the person with care needs.

Some people move in with their Shared Lives carer while some are regular visitors during the day or overnight.

Stockton-on-Tees Shared Lives Service - could you open your home and heart to become a shared lives carer? Watch this short video for more information.


The benefits of Shared Lives schemes

Sharing a home, family and community life with a Shared Lives carer lets you get to know and bond with the carer.

Before starting the placement, you have the chance to get to know the Shared Lives carer and decide whether you want to spend time together.

People sometimes use a Shared Lives placement as a way of learning the skills they need to live independently and to help them put down roots in the area or community before moving into a place of their own.

Being a Shared Lives Carer

There are a range of ways you can become a Shared Lives carer, whether it be living with someone in your home long term or providing respite care for weekends, holidays or emergencies. Carers receive an allowance for the people they care for but the rewards are bigger than financial. Being a Shared Lives carer can be very rewarding  and you will see the amazing difference you have made to someone's life.

Shared Lives care is based on shared interests, lifestyles and sense of humour. It's a bit like fostering - for adults. To ensure it feels like an ordinary life for someone who needs support - and doesn't feel like a 'job' for you.

Find out more

Our friendly Shared Lives team are on hand to talk about becoming a Shared Lives Carer and explain the scheme and answer any questions you may have, call the team on 01642 524494 or email

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